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Selenium Webdriver is predominantly the first choice of any tester for automating web applications. The most noteworthy feature of this testing tool is its ability to integrate with many programming languages. That’s the reason it’s able to draw a lot of interest from the developers.¬†Selenium Webdriver¬†is the best testing tool for¬†both the software tester and a coder.

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With Selenium Webdriver, you can integrate many tools like JUnit, TestNG, AutoIT, and Jenkins. At TechBeamers, you’ll find a no. of Selenium Webdriver tutorials covering the basics of Selenium Webdriver, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, and Selenium Webdriver commands. Time to time, we also post advanced Selenium Webdriver tutorials on this blog. In almost all the tutorials, we give working examples of real problems. Here, we’ve collected a list of best Selenium Webdriver tutorials for you.

Selenium Webdriver Tutorial.

We’ve started this series of tutorials to help¬†QA and Test Automation Engineers.Selenium Webdriver Tutorial for Beginners

Tutorial 1: Learn Selenium Webdriver Basics.

1- In this Selenium Webdriver tutorial, you’ll get the study material to learn the basic concepts.

1.1- Selenium Components for Test Automation.
1.2- Visualize the Selenium Webdriver Architecture.
1.3- What are the tools Selenium supports?

1.3.1- What is Selenium RC?
1.3.2- What is Selenium IDE?
1.3.3- What is Selenium Webdriver?
1.3.4- What is Selenium Grid?

1.4- What is the difference between Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Grid?

Tutorial 2: How to Set up a Selenium Webdriver Project.

2- Let’s learn how to use Eclipse with Selenium¬†Webdriver?

2.1- Install Eclipse IDE
2.2- Create a Project in Eclipse
2.3- Download Selenium Webdriver Jar files
2.4- Include Jar files in Your Project and Build

Tutorial 3: Understand Selenium Locators and Master CSS/XPath.

3- In this Selenium Webdriver tutorial, we’ll try to teach you about Selenium locators.

3.1- What is an XPath expression?
3.2- What is FireBug Add-on and why is it used?
3.3- What is FirePath Add-on and how to use it?
3.4- How to install FireBug and FirePath?
3.5- How does the FireBug differ from the FirePath?
3.6- What are Selenium locators and how many types of locators are there?

3.6.1- ID.
3.6.2- Name.
3.6.3- Link Text.
3.6.4- Partial Link Text.
3.6.5- Tag Name.
3.6.6- CSS Class.
3.6.7- CSS Selector.
3.6.8- XPath.

3.7- How to choose which Selenium locators is best for you?
3.8- How to inspect locators using FireBug/FirePath?
3.9- What is XPath and how many types of XPath are there, and how to create an XPath?

3.9.1- What is absolute XPath, explain with an example?
3.9.2- What is Relative XPath, explain with an example?

Tutorial 4: Selenium Webdriver Commands and Examples.

4- This Selenium Webdriver tutorial focuses on important commands and will probably help all readers.

4.1- Selenium Webdriver Commands.

4.1.1- Browser Commands.
4.1.2- Get Commands.
4.1.3- Navigation Commands.
4.1.4- WebElement Commands.

4.2- findElement and findElements Commands.

4.2.1- The difference between findElement and findElements methods.
4.2.2- Learn how to access locators using findElement method?

4.2.5- By.className().
4.2.6- By.tagName().
4.2.7- and By.partialLinkText().
4.2.8- By.cssSelector().
4.2.9- By.xpath().

Tutorial 5: Learn to handle Web elements in Selenium Webdriver.

5- We suggest that you should read and practice a lot to get most of this chapter.

5.1- Operations on CheckBox and Radio Button.
5.2- Various methods to select a checkbox and radio button.

5.2.1- Use ID for Selecting Checkbox/Radio button.
5.2.2- Use IsSelected Method to Check the State of Checkbox/Radio button.
5.2.3- Use Element Value for Selecting Checkbox/Radio button.
5.2.4- Use CssSelector for Selecting Checkbox/Radio button.

5.3- HTML form and example code for hands-on practice.

Tutorial 6: Learn to how to use the Select class in Webdriver?

6- This tutorial is rather useful while you are working on travel websites. 

6.1- How to work on DropDowns and Multiple selects?
6.2- Select Class in Selenium Webdriver.
6.3- Different Select Methods with Html sample and Webdriver example.

6.3.1- selectByVisibleText Method.
6.3.2- selectByIndex Method.
6.3.3- selectByValue Method.

6.4- De-Select Methods supported with Html sample and Webdriver example.

6.4.1- deselectByIndex Method.
6.4.2- deselectByValue Method.
6.4.3- deselectByVisibleText Method.
6.4.4- deselectAll Method.

6.5- Live animated GIF to demonstrate de-select/multi-select actions.


Finally, we’ve now come to the end of this post. And it’s our wish that you probably get the expected benefit after reading the above Selenium Webdriver tutorial. Furthermore, we are continuously working on adding more Selenium Webdriver tutorial(s) which would be slightly advanced¬†level. And we’ll keep posting them regularly to help you¬†incrementally.

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