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Read data from Properties File Using TestNG Framework

How to Read data from Properties File Using TestNG

In this post, we are explaining how to read data from properties file using TestNG framework. In our previous post, we’ve illustrated theĀ same conceptĀ i.e. creating/reading property file in a simple Selenium Webdriver project. Here, we’ll use both the TestNG framework and the Selenium Webdriver API. We did this post to demonstrate how the TestNG framework can extend the capability of …
Implement Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver

Implement Object Repository In Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Webdriver is the most used software automation testing tool. It provides APIs that operates on the web objects using their element locators like ID, CSS, XPath, etc. It doesnā€™t have any built-in feature to implement object repository. Lacking this facility increases the efforts of maintaining the objects locators. If you hard code these elements locators in the source code …