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Implement Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver

Implement Object Repository In Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Webdriver is the most used software automation testing tool. It provides APIs that operates on the web objects using their element locators like ID, CSS, XPath, etc. It doesn’t have any built-in feature to implement object repository. Lacking this facility increases the efforts of maintaining the objects locators. If you hard code these elements locators in the source code …
Setup Selenium WebDriver Project

Six Steps To Setup Selenium WebDriver Project in Eclipse

In this post, we will describe the easiest way to create and setup Selenium Webdriver project using the Eclipse IDE. Must Read – Create Selenium 3 Project with Java We’ve covered the whole process in six main steps, starting from the required Software downloads for creating the Test Project. If you’ll follow this tutorial correctly, then it would be quite easy …
Selenium Tutorial - Blog Rank Finder App.

Selenium Java App to Find Blog Rank in Google

This tutorial provides a step by step procedure to create a Selenium Java app to find blog rank from the Google search result. It is a perfect example of software automated testing using Selenium. It demonstrates how to leverage Selenium in filtering Google search results and find the rank of a blog against a keyword. We brought this idea because …