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Add Alexa widget to your site.

Get Alexa Ranking Widget to Boost Your Blog

Alexa is undoubtedly the most notable and effective system for measuring any Website or WordPress Blog performance and mainly¬†Ranking. And adding an Alexa ranking widget to your blog is the most preferred step to propel your ranking. You can start by registering your blog with Alexa and begin promoting it right away. Though, there are many bloggers who do¬†not consider …
How to increase Alexa traffic rank.

Alexa Traffic Rank – 10 Ways to Boost Ranking

Welcome back readers, today we’ll¬†focus on¬†a¬†crucial¬†aspect of¬†blogging which sometimes new bloggers tend¬†to overlook. It is none other than the Alexa traffic rank of your blog which many of us don’t know or care.¬†But this is one indicator that¬†makes you stand a step ahead in¬†the crowd of bloggers.¬†So we’ll share some techniques that will help to increase the visibility of your …