Why Should You Run Selenium Tests in Cloud?

Why should you run Selenium tests in Cloud? Or is it worth using a Cloud service to test your web applications? The simple answer is Yes. You should adopt the cloud service platforms to test your large enterprise web-based applications. Many of these services are using Selenium for load testing. These cloud services are extremely reliable, quick and powerful as supported by a high-end computing infra. They are scalable and cost effective as you only use them whenever you want to. You can even opt for more computing resources whenever required. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best cloud services which use open source tools like Selenium for test automation, Jenkins for continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD).

When you have a large web application or a mobile application to test, then you need to give more focus on the usability and compatibility testing. You must have a clear sense of the testing scope. You should know whether you want to test on multiple browsers, devices or platforms. And if you would like to do it all by yourself, then first it’s not easy, second you need to buy the H/W, hire the people to use and manage it. Though, you can start with test automation using Selenium, write tests using FireFox Webdriver or Android driver. But what would you miss is browser coverage, platform coverage, and speed. With all these benefits, cloud testing has come out as the best solution to do automation testing and run Selenium tests in complicated test environments.

At the back-end, most of these services make use of Selenium for load testing. We also have tutorials that can give you more insights on this subject. Click here to know how to use Selenium for load testing.

Let’s now unlock the list of top cloud services providing Selenium testing solution.

Why Should You Run Selenium Tests in Cloud

Why Should You Run Selenium Tests in the Cloud?

1- List of Notable Cloud Services to Run Selenium Tests.

1.1- Run Selenium Tests in Cloud with BrowserStack.

BrowserStack is the fastest growing cloud testing service which serves millions of paid/free users. These were two IIT graduates Nakul & Ritesh who launched this company in 2011. This service offers some of the best features to reduce your cost as well as testing efforts. Let’s do a brief review of its features.

1.1.1- Coverage.

It completely replaces all of your local testing H/W. Without any hassles, you’ll get access to the following to run Selenium tests.

1- 1K+ desktop-based and mobile browsers.

2- Unlimited no of Android and iOS devices.

3- Multiple programming languages. e.g. Java, Python, C#, and Ruby.

1.1.2- Control.

1- Allows using remote browsers to run Selenium tests on internal servers.

2- Provides a variety of live, visual logs and screenshots to debug scripts.

1.1.3- Speed.

1- Supports parallel test execution.

2- Runs your tests simultaneously in different browsers.

1.1.4- Independence.

1- Run your tests on all supported browsers until the end of execution.

2- Reserve your secure and private session to run the tests.

So, don’t waste your precious time and make up your mind. Just hit the below button to enroll for a free drive @ BrowserStack.

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1.2- Optimize Your Tests with SauceLabs.

SauceLabs is another champion in the field of cloud-based automation testing. It’s a USA based cloud automation testing platform which is serving some of the largest clients like Yahoo, Adobe, etc. It’s interesting to learn that it was none other than Jason Huggins, the maker of Selenium, who founded it with two other brilliant chaps. It offers the following features to improve the way you currently run Selenium tests.

1.2.1- Coverage.

1- Supports 700+ browsers and mobile interfaces.

2- Includes manual testing abilities.

1.2.2- Quality.

1- Run Selenium tests and Appium tests on native as well as hybrid apps.

2- Running tests on cross browsers ensures quality.

1.2.3- Security.

1- Deploys tests in SauceLabs secure data center.

2- Access to hosted apps behind the firewall.

1.2.4- Performance.

1- Executes Selenium and Appium tests concurrently.

2- Speeds up the execution by 10x.

1.2.5- Process.

1- Customize your test automation with CI workflow.

2- Takes care of your delivery pipeline.

3- Intuitive dashboard to view & analyze failures.

You can opt for a free trial by clicking the below button. And start optimizing your testing efforts from now on.

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1.3- Expand Your Selenium Testing with SauceLabs.

TestingBot is not a runner-up anymore. It’s competing strongly with the above two premiers. Let’s check out what it has in store to improve your user experience.

1.3.1- Test Frameworks.

1- Provides test templates for Appium , Java, Ruby, and Python, etc.

2- Includes manual testing abilities.

1.3.2- Native Browsing.

1- Supports many native browsers like IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

1.3.2- Advanced Reporting.

1- You can view error screenshots in real-time.

1.3.2- Local Testing Security.

1- Creates a custom secure tunnel to deploy and run Selenium tests.

You can begin using TestingBot for a better user-experience. Just click the below button to continue.

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Last but not the least, there is a little-known variant of Selenium Webdriver. You can use it to run Selenium tests on a remote machine.

2- Remote Webdriver.

It gives you the ability to execute Selenium tests in the same way you run them using webdriver on your local system. Though, you have to set the remote configuration to run your tests on a distributed machine. The Remote WebDriver follows the client-server model. You need to create a simple Java servlet which behaves like a server. And your Webdriver tests act as a client.

For more details, refer the remote webdriver online documentation.


Final Word.

Hope you would have a fair idea about the different cloud service companies and what they are capable of. We recommend that you should try any of the above services. And share your experience.


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