5 Must-have Chrome Extensions for Python

Today, we’ll talk about the¬†5 Must-have Chrome Python Shell Extensions¬†which¬†could be very useful for the Python developers and everyone else who loves to code with Python. These Chrome extension can save you a¬†lot of hassles of installing the Python package. You only have to add one of these extensions in your Chrome browser, and you are all set to start coding in Python. Some of these plugins even support to run in offline mode so you may not need to be online while using them. And adding to goodness, you don’t need¬†to pay for enjoying most of these. So, you are only going to gain from using these Chrome Python shell extensions.

Must-have Python Shell Extensions for Chrome Users

1- Python Shell Extension by Sam Clegg

This Chrome plugin is by far the best Python shell extension and is our favorite. It has a 42K+ active user base which keeps¬†its author motivated. So he continually updates it to fix bugs and adds enhancements.¬†After you add it to the browser, it goes into the Chrome apps store. You can play it from there whenever you wish. It’ll get opened in a new window.

It has come with following silent features.

  • Supports¬†Python 2.7.10
  • Enables Socket module support
  • Starts session in a new window
Chrome Python Shell Extension by Sam Clegg

Chrome Python Shell Extension by Sam Clegg

2- QuickPy Python Interpreter

This plugin is one of the tiniest Chrome Python shell extension. More than 1K+ users are using it which is more than enough to prove its usability.

It allows you to do the following:

  • You can evaluate any small python script within your browser.
QuickPy Chrome Python Shell

QuickPy Chrome Python Shell

3- Python Fiddle by PythonFiddle.com

It is another useful Python shell extension which you would love using. Python Fiddle is a light-weight plugin with many interesting features. Please have a look at the below list.

  • You can use this plugin from any browser.
  • You can import scripts from remote sites.
  • It allows you to save and facility to publish later.
  • Its auto-complete is quite user-friendly.
  • You can integrate it with StackOverflow.
Chrome Python Shell Extension by PythonFiddle.com

Chrome Python Shell Extension by PythonFiddle.com

4- Python Shell by Yaks.co.nz

This Chrome Python shell extension is also quite handy. One thing making it unique is that it’s a paid plugin. We couldn’t figure out the reason for it being a paid extension, though. But still, it’s worth using it. Lets us now review the features it has.

* You can a test script in Python 2.7/3.x.
* It allows running JavaScript code.

Chrome Python Shell Extension by Yaks.co.nz

Chrome Python Shell Extension by Yaks.co.nz

5- CodeAnyWhere by CodeAnyWhere.com

It is a quick and super light-weight Python code editor mainly built for the developers. The tech news giants TechCrunch, Forbes, PandoDaily, & TheNextWeb have got this plugin covered on their websites. Users first need to¬†register their account for using this plugin. Let’s now see the large no. of features it provides.

  • Supports Python, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP
  • SSH, FTP and SFTP Client
  • Supports various types of encoding
  • Auto-indentation
  • Control font sizes
  • Undo/Redo changes
  • Advanced search (using RegEx)
  • Code folding and Word wrap
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobiles
Chrome Python Shell Extension by CodeAnyWhere.com

Chrome Python Shell Extension by CodeAnyWhere.com

Final Word –¬†5 Chrome Python Shell Extensions

Do you know one important thing you should value the most is? It is none other than Time. So we should always look for ways to save time and increase efficiency. These were the few key reasons that led us to write this post about the best Chrome Python shell extensions.

So save your precious time, learn more and do well.