22 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers

Blogging is one of the best media to express your ideas and showcase to a large no. of viewers on the internet. With the unprecedented rise in the usage of Mobiles, the internet is becoming more and more accessible to the general public. It is even changing the lifestyle of a common man by providing him easy access to news updates, information, ads and online products. Hence, it is inevitable for the bloggers not to make the most of this new age digital revolution. And that’s what led us to unfurl the premium list of 22 must-have Android apps for bloggers.

There are many emerging technology providers for the mobile world. One of them is Android, which is one of the most popular mobile operating systems and has its market growing by leaps and bound. So, an Android mobile is the perfect platform for the bloggers to step on to the success ladder. The Android market is full of multi-featured apps to help the bloggers in ideating, defining, designing, and publishing their work. But the no. of Android apps is increasing multifariously, and it’s not easy at all to find an app which would work to the expectations.

Hence, in this post, we are going to unfold the best 22 must-have Android apps for bloggers so that they can deliver their work with extended quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Another significant benefit would they get by addressing their work to a large and young population of the world.

Here is the detailed list of 22 must-have Android apps for bloggers who owns multiple blogs and updates them regularly. So read our views on these apps and try at least once to see how they can give you better results.

22 must-have Android apps for bloggers.

1. WordPress.

The giant WordPress needs no introduction. If you imagine blogging as a dictionary, then it would start with defining the word WordPress. It is the no. 1 tool for every blogger working on the desktop and same holds true if you use it on mobile. Some of you would even find its Mobile app more promising than the desktop version as you can configure it to run both of your self-hosted as well as the WordPress.com blogs. You can even use it to handle all routine blogging tasks like add/edit/update/trash/publish a blog post, curating comments, tracking visitor’s statistics and uploading/embedding media to your blog or in the blog posts. So, don’t waste a sec more and click the below button to simplify your blogging experience.

WordPress Android Apps for Bloggers

WordPress Android Apps for Bloggers


2. Blogger.

Blogger is not a cent less than the Titan WordPress. But it still finds its place at the spot no. 2. It is important to know that the blogger application is more popular among the fresh entrants into the blogger community. It is like the first blogging trainer for everyone joining the blogger’s league. One shouldn’t treat the blogger’s mobile app any less than WordPress as it has the backing of the giant Google.

You can use this app for the easy management of your Blogger or BlogSpot blogs. Though it is a little low on the feature side yet you can do all the basic blogging actions like edit/publish/view blog posts, and much more. Moreover, it lends you the ability to monitor the performance and statistics of the blogs.

Blogger Android Apps for Bloggers

Blogger Android Apps for Bloggers


3. Tumblr.

You might have heard an old saying that popularity makes you more popular. You can try to become famous and then heads to earn more fame. But you need tools to achieve these milestones in the blogging world. Tumblr is one of them, and Bloggers name it as a microblog. You can use its tiny but lightning fast app for instant posting of the short messages and videos. It allows a quick search option to look for the likeminded stuff on Tumblr which you can like or save for future ref.

You can easily organize your blog using the Tumblr app. It supports content creation, edit and publish fresh posts to your blog from the mobile app.

It has an instant share feature to post images/gifs/videos, music, links, and texts.

Tumblr Android Apps for Bloggers

Tumblr Android Apps for Bloggers


4. Writer.

Post writing is the most time-consuming activity for any blogger. A good word processor can significantly reduce the time a blogger invest to give the final shape to a blog post. We’ve so far glorified the mobile platform in many ways, but there is a downside to it as well. It is the smaller screen size which causes disruptions while the blogger is working on his blog post. Other apps and their notifications can also lead to undesired interruptions. The Writer app addresses all such issues and brings an amicable working environment on your smartphone. It lets you uphold the focus on the content creation and increases productivity.

Writer Android Apps for Bloggers

Writer Android Apps for Bloggers


5. BlogPost.

BlogPost app is another jewel for the bloggers from the android market place. This app is for those bloggers who like to experiment and look for alternative solutions. It allows you to set up your WordPress, BlogSpot, and Live Journal blogs at one place. It has an intuitive visual interface which offers many features like tags, listing, text styling and alignment handling. You can even embed personal videos and pictures from the leading digital photo organizers like Flickers, Picasa, YouTube, etc.

BlogPost Android Apps for Bloggers

BlogPost Android Apps for Bloggers


6- Dictionary – Merriam-Webster.

If you’ve got a good grasp of the English language and its vocabulary then blogging becomes easier for you. But if you don’t fall into the expert zone, then there are Apps which can help you filling these gaps. One of the best apps is the Meriam-Webster dictionary; it covers up almost all of your language problems. It acts as a Swiss-knife for those who are non-native English speakers.

This app supports the voice commands. You speak a word, and it’ll find a list of matching words. If you try to look up for synonyms or antonyms, it’ll give your results along with proper examples. It can work in both online and offline mode as it does cache the data files for offline access. This feature makes the app a little over 100MB in size. For your note, the voice command feature doesn’t work in offline mode. All in all, it is one of the must-have Android apps for bloggers.

Dictionary Android Apps for Bloggers

Dictionary Android Apps for Bloggers


7- Evernote.

Evernote is another blogging assistant app which supports both Android and iOS platforms. It enables you to prepare notes, archiving web content, intuitive search in a clean and clutter-free environment. You can open your notes from any of the devices. Apart from the basic version, there is a pro variant which comes with a few additional premium features. We assure that you won’t regret using this application, and it’ll undoubtedly improve your blogging experience.

Evernote Android Apps for Bloggers

Evernote Android Apps for Bloggers


8. Photo Editor.

Photo editor app is an essential tool for the bloggers. It is something which a blogger needs with almost every post he chooses to write. This app comes with many useful features. It can flick photos on-the-fly and add them to the blog posts in real-time. You might also require making some minor changes in the post images. That’s where the Photo Editor app does the best. It lets you crop/edit/resize the photos and permits to insert texts, drawings and effects onto them.

Photo editor Android Apps for Bloggers

Photo Editor Android App

9- Podkicker Podcast Player.

Bloggers who are busy and successful but don’t prefer reading. They can utilize the Podkicker player app for listening to the best of the audio content. The app quickly enables you to register, download, and listen to both audio/video podcasts on-the-fly. The bloggers who travel a lot or drive quite frequently can make good use of this app.

Podkicker Android Apps for Bloggers

Podkicker Android App

10- Voice recorder.

Voice recorder is a great blogging tool as it brings a unique touch and record feature. Recording voices of eminent bloggers is important for new bloggers. They can try this app and use its intuitive recording feature for interviewing any of the authority bloggers of their niche like we’ve Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal in India. Some of the other notable features are its HD voice recording ability, save recordings as voice memos and the sharing support. Additionally, it allows you to set up a timer to track the time spent in the recording.

Voice Recorder Android Apps for Bloggers

Voice Recorder Android App

11- Pingdom.

Pingdom Android app provides the ability to supervise your sites uptime/downtime. With this app, you can check the status of your site at will. You can find problems and take decisions to resolve the issue before your customer see it. You can readily curb the website outage by addressing and eliminating the problem in advance. This app will also display the response times of your blog. You must try this app and start analyzing your blogs as well as websites.

Pingdom Android Apps for Bloggers

Pingdom Android App

12- Simplog.

Simplog vows to give you an entirely new blogging experience. It brings you the lucidity of Twitter and adds the strengths of a blog. It gives the users ability to record their life moments in an easy-to-go manner. A user can alter the photo backgrounds, filters, and share ideas with friends and followers via social services like the Twitter and Facebook. We recommend using this one of must-have Android apps for bloggers. Just read more about the Simplog app from the below link.

Simplog Android Apps for Bloggers

Simplog Android App

13- VK.com.

Blogging means being social and connecting with people so that you can spread your message to a larger audience. But you need to be aware of the top social platforms which have the most active user base and are growing rapidly.

Let’s bring you a social magnet which could be less known in your region but hosts some of the largest user communities in the Russian continent. It is none other than the VK which despite being Russian-oriented has users joining from all over the world. One of the cool facts that you should know is it has a variety of blogging communities ranging from fashion, travel, technology, programming, testing, and automation. So, here you’ll find various opportunities to grow your blog subscribers.

It would be unfair if we leave without mentioning the key features the VK.com Android app provides. It’s so good that it can completely change your experience of using any other social media app. You can perform almost every operation that its online version does. But you’ll experience greater ease and usability. So using this app is not in any other’s favor, it’s only you who is going to get the benefits.

VK.com Android Apps for Bloggers

VK.com Android App

14- Medium.

Medium is another great social media platform where you voice your idea, and it gets heard by millions of the users around the globe. The app follows the three core pillars of the communication which are Read first, Write next and React at the right time. Hence, it is the perfect choice for a blogger to connect to a smarter audience, establish conversation and exchange each other’s idea. You first need to register for a Medium account to start using it.

The medium Android app follows the “use from anywhere” approach so you can easily work on writing/editing a post. Its editor is simple to use, and almost in line with all the features of its web version.

Medium Android Apps for Bloggers

Medium Android App

15. Pocket.

You may get surprised with the fact that most successful bloggers are the ones who write less but spend more time reading blogs, news and viewing eye-catching websites. So you should be doing that too to become more successful. But in this process, you come across plenty of useful resources which are not possible to go through at once, so you lose on some and carry on. Here is an Android app that can take care of the stuff you find useful, and like to refer at a later time. It is famously known as the Pocket that solves your problem by backing up links you wish to check on later. The app will cache a stripped version of the article, blog post, or any other media just so that you access it anytime you want.

Pocket Android Apps for Bloggers

Pocket Android App

16- Feedly.

There are many useful blogs out there on the internet with all sorts of information. Feedly is an android app that can let you connect with these blogs so that you can easily read them from your smartphone or tablet. This app supports quick integration with many online social services like Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Pinterest, Evernote, OneNote, and much more. Another great feature it has is to allow adding the RSS feed of any blog of your choice. Just tap the below button to download it from the Play Store.

Feedly Android Apps for Bloggers

Feedly Android App

17- Twitter.

The Twitter for Android is one of the most liked apps in the social media space. It beats the competitors by a fair margin. There is an old and famous Indian saying, “Bring the ocean in a Pot.” It could certainly be the baseline behind the Twitter philosophy. Twitter restricts the size of a message that you can share on its messaging platform. So the message should be brief and subjective enough to get recognized by the millions of Twitter users.

This app allows you to tweet about your blogs or blog posts, reach to people, share ideas and much more. It’s a free android app like the Facebook.

Twitter Android Apps for Bloggers

Twitter Android App

18- Pinterest.

Pinterest is a growing visual bookmarking service used by millions. It’s a sharing hub for many bloggers around the world. It makes you explore and save innovative ideas on-the-go. You can classify different types of work by creating related Pinterest boards. You can even utilize Pinterest to find perfect diet plan, meals, recipes, look for touring opportunities, start home innovation projects and much more.

Pinterest Android Apps for Bloggers

Pinterest Android App

19- Buffer App.

The Buffer is a social media integrator which gives the users an easy way to control multiple social service accounts all at one place. You can see it like an online courier service which can deliver your posts to people, groups, and communities available on your different social media accounts. It replaces all of your manual efforts and helps you sharing the content with your friends and followers at the time of your choice.

Buffer app also supports news reader apps like Feedly, Taptu, Tweet Deck, Flipboard, and more. Please try out the Buffer app, download it using the below link.

Buffer Android Apps for Bloggers

Buffer Android App

20- Google Drive.

Bloggers do use to write posts, ideas, and notes so frequently than any other species on the planet. So it is a must for them to store this information in a manner that they could retrieve it back at any point of time and on any device. Here, the Google Drive comes in the picture which facilitates the bloggers to save all types of content including MS Word docs, Excel files, photos, podcasts, videos and many others formats in the Cloud. Apart from merely copying these, the app also syncs these files on many devices that you linked with your G+ account. This feature enables the bloggers to use their files wherever they want. For example, you can stop your current post in the middle, save it to Google Drive and later finalize it from your smartphone.

Google Drive Android Apps for Bloggers

Google Drive Android App

21- Google Analytics.

There is no better tool to track your website statistics and analytics than is the Google Analytics. You can’t neglect the importance of the Google Analytics tool. It’s one of the Google’s flagship products for keeping track of your blog’s traffic. It allows you to put a tab on the no. of site visitors, returning users, unique users, page views, session, bounce rate, exit pages and much more information to ease up your blogging journey.

The app has got a renewed look and feels optimized for smartphones and the tablets. It can provide you the desired statistics anytime, anywhere and on many devices.

Google Analytics Android Apps for Bloggers

Google Analytics Android App

22- gAnalytics.

It works on the similar line as the great Google Analytics does. Though, as the two fingers can never be same, this app too is a little different than its Google counterpart. It assists you in tracking your blog/site visitor’s inflow, session, page views, real users count, real-time visitors and region-wise stats.

Once you have this app on your Android phone, you can leave all your worries about the traffic performance aside and focus on the work.

gAnalytics Android Apps for Bloggers

gAnalytics Android App


Final word.

We’ve done an extensive research to filter out the top 22 Android Apps for Bloggers. We knew that it won’t be possible for you to use all of these Android apps in one go. So it’s better to pick a few from the list, try them for some time, and review their impact on your performance. We are sure that you would love them. Similarly, you can choose another set of the apps from the above list and start experimenting them.





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