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Java Interview Questions Every Software Tester Should Know

Java is one of the best high-level languages which most Software testers use for developing the test automation frameworks. Almost 65% of the modern automation solutions use Java as their backbone. Hence, it is very common for the Interviewers to ask questions on important Java topics like Java basics, Java classes, Java Strings, and Java threads. Yes, every software tester needs …
Top 50 JSP Interview Questions

Top 50 JSP Interview Questions and answers for Java Developers

Greetings readers, we’ve prepared the list of 50 most frequently asked JSP interview questions that can help you greatly in getting a lead during any Java/J2EE interview. The idea we thought was to wear the shoes of the interviewer and come up with the straight JSP interview questions to ask from our readers. JSP is an integral part of any …
Essential Java Collection Interview Questions

Java Collection Interview Questions – 2019 Edition

Here are the latest Java collection interview questions for your reference. Java Collections Framework is pivotal in developing high-performance, reusable and reliable Java applications. Our team prepared this list after analyzing the question pattern of many IT companies hiring Java programmers. If you like to test your Java coding skills, then try to get through the 30 Java coding interview questions. Check out …