Java Hibernate Online Practice Test for Web Developers

Welcome readers, try this Java hibernate online practice test and see how you score. It is our newest submission to the series of online Java programming quizzes. This quiz is for Java developers who use hibernate for database operations in their projects. Hibernate in Java is an essential subject to learn. In this quiz, you’ll get to solve ten basic database programming questions in Java.

Just to give a preview of this Java developer quiz, there are questions like “What are the most commonly used methods for configuring hibernate?”. If you are a Java developer, then you might have read that the <hibernate.cfg.xml> XML file enables the hibernate settings. Also, you’ll find questions related to session management like “Whether a SessionFactory object gets created during application startup and kept for later use. Is it true or not?”.

Furthermore, if you want to evaluate yourself for basic Java knowledge, then we suggest you go through the following entry level Java quiz first. It’ll help you strengthen your hold on the Java language. Next, we’d lately published a complete Java multithreading guide. You may like to refer it for a better understanding of threads.

Java Hibernate Online Practice Quiz for Java Developers.

For your information, please note that this Java Hibernate Online Quiz has ten database programming questions. Try to attempt all the questions for the best results. Press the Start quiz button to go ahead.
Java Hibernate Online Practice Quiz for Java Developers

Java Hibernate Online Practice Quiz for Java Developers.

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Note: You can examine all the answers at the end of this quiz. To learn more about Java hibernate, please refer the on-line Java learning documentation.

We hope this Java hibernate online practice quiz would assist you in becoming a better Java developer, and you’ll gain confidence in Java database programming. Next, we sincerely appreciate you for attempting this Java quiz. Consequently, we advise you to try other programming quizzes and check out related Java tutorials from our blog. We’ve laid out some of the most read Java programming posts in the below section. You can read the list and go for an interview with full preparation.

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