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JavaScript Quiz with 25 questions for Web Developers

JavaScript Quiz- Web Developers

Building large websites and using HTML5, CSS, and JS? Then take some time out and spare just 5 minutes to attempt this JavaScript quiz. It includes 25 questions that would test your end to end knowledge of JavaScript. JavaScript is the most famous, dynamic, and untyped client-side scripting language. While coding, you don’t require any type-declaration for variables and methods. …
HTML CSS Quiz - 20 Questions for Web Developers

HTML CSS Quiz for All Web Developers

Greetings readers, presenting you today is the HTML CSS quiz for Web developers. This quiz contains 20 basic questions to test your HTML and CSS skills. Any web developer or web designer who has started working on HTML and CSS projects can try this quiz. It’ll not only help to improve basic understanding of HTML and CSS knowledge but reveal those gaps …