Set Static IP on Win 7, Ubuntu 14 & OS X 10

Sometimes it is very essential to setup static IP address, for example if you have a virtual machine running a server for your web applications and you would like to publish an user friendly URL to access the web server. This is possible by configuring the static IP and get its entry mapped within the DNS server.

Here I’ll cover the command line process to setup static IP on the three widely used operating systems to enable any one reading this article should be able to do on his/her own.

Configuring static IP on Ubuntu 14.0.

Step 1:

Press CTLR+ALT+T to open up the Terminal window

Step 2:

You have to either be root or sudo user to perform this operation, so run the below command to switch user,

for root user, run su – root command, It will prompt for the password so supply the root password .

for sudo switching, run sudo -s command and supply the sudo user password.

Step 3:

Now use the following command to open the network interface file,

vi /etc/network/interfaces