GetResponse VS. Pinpointe: Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool?

Email is by far the most vital communication platform, and you cannot ignore it altogether. Each business works hard to collect the user’s email and send newsletter & personalized message to touch with them always. In the present context, most business personal looks for a right email marketing tool to manage and automate emails.

Once you maintain a good relation and gain trust from the reader, they will become your customers and willing to buy the products or services from you.

Every digital marketer needs a good email marketing tool to manage growing user details and sending unlimited emails to their inbox.

GetResponse and Pinpointe both are fantastic email marketing tools with numerous of features. Now the question is which one is better for your email marketing.

It is entirely reasonable to get confused. However, you will get a definite answer to this riddle at the end of the article.

GetResponse VS. Pinpointe Review.

These tools are one of the best business tools available for email marketing. Though implementing any of these tools can significantly improve your engagement with your readers. They can even dramatically increase your readership.

Let’s start to review them one by one.

GetResponse, an established email marketing tool.

email marketing tool

email marketing tool

GetResponse is one of the front-runners email marketing tool. You will get most of the imperious features with the GetResponse service.

Autoresponder is an email automation tool, which schedule & send the email and follow-up email to the reader’s inbox for a period.

You can send the action based message to the user mail address when the action happens, For example, you send the welcoming email to the reader after he subscribed to the newsletter.

A landing page is the face of a website that builds to capture the leads, promoting affiliate or your products and more marketing activities.

You create a mobile responsive landing page or choose any responsive templates that suit to your campaign.

After published the landing page, you see the in-depth metrics will help you to optimize the landing page. As well as, you can determine the success of your campaign.

As you integrate third-party services like Google Analytics, Google Tag, Facebook Pixel and so many services you can track the performances.

Webinars is a way to increase the engagement and teach about your product features, and such webinars improve your product sales.

You can create the webinars in simple steps. Just use the webinar invitation and reminder templates or build your own with the editor.

The detailed metrics will reveal about the registered members, attended people and so on. You record the webinar up to 2 hours and store on the cloud storage. Later, share the recorded version to the registered user and if anybody missed will enjoy.

Segmentation divides the user and adds to the respective group according to their criteria. You can define your criteria by the combination of rules and make it automation.

Once, you divide the user based on their location, age, the interest you will send personalized message.

A/B Testing help you to optimize the email, landing page according to the user interest. It provides all the necessary tools to conduct the A/B testing.

You get the robust metrics and report to evaluate which type of email or landing page is performing well based on the color, subject, content, time and more.

List booster is advanced tool will import the contact details from the 16 different source to your GetResponse account.

Well, you can import from the email client, social media site like Google+, LinkedIn, Salesforce, CRM, CMS and others services.

Email Intelligence track the sent mail performance and make you know about email opening rates, click rate, email opening time, bounce back emails, as well as many insight analytics.

Pricing and Plans

email marketing tool

email marketing tool

GetResponse basic plan starts at the affordable price. If you need more email list and send email, then choose according to it.

Pinpointe, the emerging email marketing tool.

email marketing tool

email marketing tool

Pinpointe is another company that offers email marketing solution to the digital marketer. You can send many email tools to your subscriber and use the analytical report to optimize it better than before. See the detail about the features.

Track the email after you hit the send button. Pinpointe generates a detailed report about the bounce, SPAM activity, open details, and more details to understand how the sent mail are performing.

If you’ve signed up for Google Analytics, then you can easily integrate it with this service. You will get the most detailed report about email campaign.

Behavioral Targeting is another feature will resend the campaign, which is not opened by the reader. Such method will increase the mail opening rates

Spam score does the detailed analysis the email content and trying to find if there have any spam like the sentence. After finishing the analysis, you will know where to correct in the email.

Autoresponder make ease the job of you. You can schedule to your reader in advance. You can send the after trigger some criteria, for example, you remember the user to renew before it gets expired.

Email Split testing alternatively known as A/B testing. You create multiple version of the email and send to the user. Then you will know the best working emails.

You choose different email layout, subject, time and learn the best way to make success your email campaign.

Segmentation your target audience into a group and send personalized email message. If you want to send a location-based newsletter to the reader inbox you segment the target user and send the message.

You can define your rule in the segment builder interface make the job so easy.

Manage your subscriber is an important task. It provides packed power functions to manage your subscriber. It removes the duplicate email address from the list, and it maintains a global block list, so SPAM email address is deleted and protect your account.

Furthermore, you can define your block list to block unwanted emails address from particular URL.

Import the contact details from the CSV files to the pinpointe. During the process, it checks errors, duplicate mail details, and have any duplicate over it will ask you to skip or overwrite.

Likewise, if you want, you can export the details.

Plans and Pricing

The subscription plans come under the following category that is Price by list size, Price by email sent, and Pay-as-you-go.

email marketing tool

Email marketing tool

Final Word.

When we compare GetResponse and Pinpointe, GetResponse is the winner.

GetResponse provides more features and option to run your email campaign as well as, landing page and webinars also available.

You get the most advanced features and design tools. Even Pinpointe offer some feature similar to the GetResponse, but I would like to recommend GetResponse as my personal experience with GetResponse.

Also, if you pay for email marketing, you get additional services and support from the GetResponse. No matter about money but when you get excellent features in fewer amounts. Why need to pay more.

You can sign up for the free 14 trial of the Getresponse, and then you will agree with my point and continue to use it.