Guide to Get the Best Landing Page: Compare Instapage Vs. GetResponse?

Every blog or website owner aspires to have the best landing page for his website. It’s not only the face of your business; it could be a significant revenue generator for you. An effective landing page could have the potential to drive millions of visitors and lead to a multifold increase in the conversions.

But there are multiple parameters that you need to look upon while designing a landing page. In this post, we are going to discuss each of these points in detail to help you decide what could be the best solution for you to create the best landing page.

One of the simplest tactics to advertise on a website is by creating appealing landing pages promoting your brand. The principal objective is to attract a broad customer base and build a strong market. Many companies around the world find it useful marketing strategy and have already brought into use.

Instapage and GetResponse have become the best choice for any person looking to create landing pages through landing page builder. But choosing between the two is one of the toughest jobs to do. So, we have brought forward a brief comparison between the two that will help you in deciding the best landing page builder tool.


How to Get the Best Landing Page: Choose Instapage VS. GetResponse.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder.

One of the most trusted online landing page builders is GetResponse. This tool is used by most leading marketers around the globe and recommended too. Neil Patel, the popular internet marketer, also suggests using this tool. It offers hundreds of landing page templates to choose for business. You can customize the template and its elements with ease. The responsive landing pages make it simple for the customers to run them on mobile devices too. GetResponse has reached over 350,000 clients in a short span of time.

Tips to Get the Best Landing Page.

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Instapage Landing Page Creator: Details.

Instapage is another reliable landing page builder available online that allows you to create appealing landing pages. A person needs not to be a programmer or coder to create landing pages. This solution has a built-in set of well-designed templates to start your work. The person can choose from the set of templates or try different ones before deciding the final design.

Which is the Best Landing Page Builder?

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Instapage vs GetResponse Landing Pages: Comparison.

If ever you think about purchasing the world’s best landing page builder tools, you can close your eyes and opt for any of these tools. But, everyone wants the best. So, this comparison will help you out in determining the best. Go through the evaluation and decide which tool you wish to go for.

1- A/B Split Testing.

GetResponse: A/B split testing helps you determine the viewer’s response on 5 different variants of a particular template. Complete tracking stats are shown to you on the basis of whom you can decide the best performing template variant.

Instapage:  It allows you to test two different variants of same landing page at a time and notice the viewers’ response. This tells you about the performance of template design and which variant is loved by your audience. Later on, you can decide to go with the best one.

Comparison: It is clear that GetResponse is the winner when it comes to A/B Testing as you can test more variants of template simultaneously with GetResponse. Instapage just allows you to test 2 variants at a time.


2- Template Design.

GetResponse: GetResponse lets you pick the best landing page template from a library of 100+ such templates. Its WYSIWYG editor enables the drag & drop feature through which the templates can be edited as per your choice. You even get more than 1000 free photos that can be used inside your templates. A person having zero technical knowledge can handle the templates efficiently effortlessly.

Instapage: You can pick the best landing page template design from the library of 70+ templates. These templates deliver quality customer response and can also be customized as per the needs of user. The elements inside the templates can be moved within the templates. You can adjust the image as well as text boxes in the templates. All the templates are highly customizable.

Comparison: GetResponse again wins over Instapage when it comes to the number of templates and choices provided to the customers.


3- Responsive Design.

GetResponse: In GetResponse, all landing page templates are highly compatible to load on any of the mobile device as well as PCs/laptops.

Instapage: Instapage makes its landing pages work fabulously on any of the device including smart phones, desktop, laptops, tablets or even phablets.

Comparison: It is really hard to pick between these two tools when we talk about the responsiveness of the templates. Both these tools provide responsive templates to their users.


4- Integration.

GetResponse: GetResponse also lets you to integrate the landing pages with social media websites and other applications. Google Analytics can also be integrated with its landing pages to track how efficiently they are performing.

Instapage: Instapage allows you to integrate the landing page with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. You can integrate the pages with tools like Aweber, Wufoo, Olark and MailChimp too. This option comes handy when you wish to reach more customers over social media.

Comparison: Instapage and GetResponse are really effective when it comes to integration of landing pages with third party tools and applications. This functionality is really beneficial to reach larger audiences.


5- Pricing.

GetResponse: You can start branding with GetResponse as low as $15/month and that too for 1000 subscribers. As the number of subscribers increases, you can opt for higher value plan.

Check out the GetResponse Pricing Summary.

Check out the GetResponse Pricing Summary.

Instapage: With Instapage $29/month for 5000 subscribers, but you need to pay this amount for the complete year at once. If you opt to pay monthly, the price may be different.

Check out the InstaPage Pricing Summary.

Check out the InstaPage Pricing Summary.

Comparison: Pricing here is not a concern with both these tools, but GetResponse is offering a better basic plan than Instapage. Both these tools have different packages soothing the needs of a variety of customers. They can choose based on their budget and requirement.


Final Word.

Both GetResponse & Instapage offers you a free trial, and you can test both these tools for free. After going through the above evaluation, GetResponse looks to outreach Instapage landing page builder in various aspects. Through both these tools are best, but GetResponse is ahead in few of the features.

GetResponse permits you to record viewer’s response to five different variants of a template, but with Instapage, it is limited to 2. Also, GetResponse has more templates in its library and offers a greater range of customization option as compared to Instapage.

Now, it depends on you, which tool you want to go for? Don’t always follow a widespread perception instead select a product that lends a rich and extended set of features. In our opinion, GetResponse is the best.

So why are you waiting? Try GetResponse and get a full one-month free access to the world’s best landing page builder.




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