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Writing Data-Driven Tests in Selenium 3.0

Create a Mini Data-Driven Test Suite Using Selenium 3.0

In this blog post, we’ll present a live example of writing data-driven tests using Selenium Webdriver. With the data-driven testing approach, we can create a scalable test framework and run a large no. of test cases. In …
TestNG Parameters and DataProvider Annotations Explained

Unboxing TestNG Parameters and DataProvider Annotations

Unlike the old & reliable JUnit Test Framework, the modern day test automation tool, TestNG has built-in support for the data-driven testing. It provides two ways to supply data to the test cases i.e. via TestNG …
Must-know TestNG Annotations for Selenium Webdriver Project

TestNG Annotations For Selenium WebDriver Project

In our last post on TestNG, we’d explained the three unique ways to install the TestNG plugin in Eclipse IDE. Now the next important item is to learn about the TestNG annotations. Annotations are nothing but a piece …