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Essential Linux Commands Programmers Should Know

7 Essential Linux Commands Helpful for Programmers

This tutorial is for all C/C++ and Java developers who write code on Linux platforms. Here we brought essential Linux commands programmers can use to debug, find and fix defects in their programs and applications. Most of …
How to use eval command in Unix

Unix Powerful Command Series – Eval Command and Usage

The eval command is one of the most powerful and flexible commands in Linux. It combines all the given arguments and evaluates the combined expression and executes it, and returns the exit status of the …
Set Static IP on Win 7, Ubuntu 14 & OS X 10

Set Static IP on Win 7, Ubuntu 14 & OS X 10

Sometimes it is very essential to setup static IP address, for example if you have a virtual machine running a server for your web applications and you would like to publish an user friendly URL …