Automation Testing Interview Questions for QAE Profile

Continuous test automation is the key to ensuring success in the Agile software development. Also, it’s an essential skill for the most testing and QA job profiles. That’s why we brought the top 10 automation testing interview questions to help QA engineers in giving their best during interviews.

All of these are the most asked questions while selecting a candidate for the automation job profile. We’ve even tailored the answers by discussing with the candidates who had success in their automation interviews.

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Before you proceed, do you wish to understand why is it important to learn test automation?

The concept of software automation testing is not new at all. Instead, it was long there associated with the software testing process but rarely used to realize its real benefits. It’s since the Agile model made a firm entry and almost replaced the traditional SDLC, the test automation became inevitable.

Now, it’s an integral part of the Agile testing process where software testers are exploring innovative ways to implement it. All of this buzz around the QA world led us writing this post on the frequently asked automation testing interview questions.

Before we begin, let’s here a famous quote from the Software wizard and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates about automation. He has said,

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

So, Bill suggested to go ahead with the automation but warned of overdoing it at the same time. Now, it’s up to you how efficiently you use it. We’ll always keep coming up with good posts to drive you to the path of success.

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Software Automation Testing Interview Questions for QAE Profile.

Automation Testing Interview Questions for QAE Profile

Interview Questions for Test Automation Developers.

1- Basic Level of Automation Testing Interview Questions.

Let’s begin with a few questions to build a basic understanding of automation. In this section, we’ll quiz you to justify the need for automation.

Q-1: In what scenario you would prefer automating a test case?

We recommend doing automation in the following situations.

1- Repetitive tasks.
2- Smoke and sanity tests.
3- Test with multiple data set.
4- Regression tests cases.
5- The ROI (return on investment) also influence the decision to automate.


Q-2: List the types of test cases which you exclude from automation testing?

We prefer not to automate the following test case types.

1- Test instances where the AUT (application under test) is frequently changing.
2- Test cases which need to execute once.
3- Tests which require visual verification.
4- Unplanned/random testing.


Q-3: List the different stages of the automation testing lifecycle?

In the automation testing process, steps involved are.

1- Automation tool identification and selection.
2- Determine the scope of automation testing.
3- Test suite design and development.
4- Test execution (On demand or Nightly basis).
5- Regular maintenance of test suite.


2- Intermediate Level Automation Testing Interview Questions.

Here are some questions to rev up your knowledge to the intermediate level. In this section, our focus is to cover how you plan and select an automation tool.

Q-4: What are the tasks you need to do in the planning phase of automation testing?

During the planning stage, a tester would perform the following activities.

1- Decide on the “right” automation tool.
2- Choose an automation framework if required.
3- Clarity on what to include and exclude from the test automation.
4- Define milestones and share with stakeholders.
5- Track progress using any project management tool like MPP.
6- Test environment configuration.
7- Identify Test Deliverables.


Q-5: What are the principal features of a good automation tool?

1- Quick and easy test environment setup.
2- Cross platform support.
3- Good debugging/logging support.
4- Robust object identification.
5- Object and image testing abilities.
6- Cross browser testing support.
7- Database integration and validation.8- Should facilitate crowdsourcing.


Q-6: What are the different types of frameworks available for software automation testing?

In the field of software automation testing, mainly four types of framework solutions are used.

1- Data-driven automation framework.
2- Keyword-driven automation framework.
3- Modular automation framework.
4- Hybrid automation framework.


Q-7: List the most popular tools used for software automation testing?

Some of the most common automation testing tools are as follows.

1- QTP (HP UFT),
2- Rational Robot,
3- Selenium Webdriver,
4- Soap UI,
5- Fitnesse, and
6- Squish for QT.


3- Advanced Level Automation Testing Interview Questions.

Finally, time has come to wrap this post with some questions that require deep thinking. We tried to split up the answers using bullets so that they remain easy to grasp.

Q-8: What are the benchmarks you would define to measure the success of automation testing?

Software test engineer or a QA manager can use the following success indicators for the software automation testing.

1- Automation testing coverage ratio.
2- Code coverage level.
3- Defect detection ratio.
4- Reduction in the manual test cycle.
5- Time to release the product.
6- Reduction in labor & other costs.


Q-9: What is your view on software automation testing replacing the manual testing?

Automation testing isn’t a replacement for manual testing. It’s just a continuation of the manual testing. Because there are many situations where an automated solution can’t displace the insight, understanding, and experience of a tester.


Q-10: What are the possible test automation requirements for a web application?

We can plan the automation testing requirements of a web application in the following manner. You can adopt these rules irrespective of the automation tool like SilkTest, QTP, Selenium or any other test tool you are using for automation testing.

Web UI testing.

1- Every web page should have unique names.
2- A similar type of objects should follow the uniform naming scheme.
3- No object should have a duplicate name.
4- The test must ensure that every image has its ALT attribute set.
5- Dynamic content should have a proper name, ID or XPath.
6- All tables displaying data should have names.
7- Cross-browser consistency.

Web service layer (Rest/Soap) testing.

1- API Request/Response validation.
2- API error code checking.
3- Web service XSD verification.
4- Cross-server (tomcat/web sphere) validation.


Final Word.

All the above questions are asked during QA and automation testing interviews. These are the standard automation testing concepts that you must know. We wish that you would benefit from reading them and feel confident while facing the interviewer for answering automation related questions.

It’ll be a pleasure answering your queries if you may have for the above set of automation testing interview questions. And if you’ve read this post through the end, then don’t miss to like it or share on social media.

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