Selenium Quiz to Boost Your Testing Skills

Many Software companies working in the e-commerce and travel domain use Selenium Webdriver for automating their web based applications. With the rise of online startups, the requirement of web test automation tools like the Selenium Webdriver is growing at a fast pace. Hence, it is important for us to cover this topic in detail. That is why we regularly post tutorials on Selenium for our readers. This time, we have brought this selenium quiz with some of the most relevant and frequently asked selenium webdriver interview questions for test engineers. In this online quiz, you will find a variety of interview questions including Selenium APIs, types of web-drivers, HTML object handling and selection of locators, etc. We hope that it’ll be fun for you all to attempt this interesting selenium quiz.

The primary reason to roll out this quiz was to keep the promise that we’ve made with our readers who were asking a quiz on Selenium Webdriver from quite a time. Hence, we’ve put our best efforts to add all the appropriate interview questions in this Selenium quiz to make it as useful as it could be.

Selenium Quiz

For your information, please note that this selenium quiz has both single and multiple choice questions. So please carefully attempt all the questions. Press the below Start quiz button to go ahead.

Attempt This Interesting Selenium Quiz

Attempt This Interesting Selenium Quiz

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Note: You can find all the answers to this Selenium quiz in the end. To learn more about this topic, go to on-line

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Next, we hope that all the software developers and test engineers would benefit from the quiz. They will appreciate us for our continuing efforts to share knowledge. We want to assure them that we’ll keep coming with new quizzes on important subjects and will update the earlier ones as well.

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