Selenium Testing Interview Quiz for Beginners

Welcome to the Selenium testing interview quiz. We’ve added this quick test, especially for the beginners so that they can learn basic Selenium automation skills. This quiz is the latest online challenge equipped with top 10 Selenium testing questions to help you in assessing your Selenium skills. Also, it is our fourth submission to the Selenium testing community. Our only goal is to share Selenium knowledge as much as we can. Since Selenium supports many powerful features, you’ll see questions related to each type of features. In this Selenium quiz, we’ll target questions which are important for the interview purpose. If you want to go deeper, then learn from the master itself. We also have various tutorials on Selenium testing.

Selenium testing is an integral part of test automation in Agile. It provides a set of APIs to be used by test engineers to automate the Web applications. Its purpose is to simulate the behavior of a real user who is interacting with the HTML and DOM of the web application. The unique thing about Selenium is, it provides a user-friendly API which you can learn and explore easily. As a result, it will help to increase the readability. And, lower the maintenance of your script. It is because that these APIs aren’t linked to any specific framework.

1- Selenium testing interview quiz for Testers.

For your information: Please note that this Selenium Testing Interview quiz has only single choice questions. We suggest that you give your best to face all the questions. Click the <Start quiz> button to begin the online practice test.

Selenium Testing Interview Quiz

Selenium Testing Interview Quiz.

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2- Final Word.

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