How to Use BrowserMob Proxy for Load Testing in Selenium

If you’ve read one of our earlier posts on exploring Selenium for load testing, then you would admit it as a load testing solution. But being a UI testing component you can only use it to make requests to a web application. In fact, you’ll need something else which can monitor the web app and measure the performance data. Hence, in this blog post, we’ll use BrowserMob proxy to create the Selenium load testing demo. It’s a free tool and can run with Selenium for load testing the web apps.

Also, in this tutorial, we’ll create a Selenium load testing demo project in Eclipse for the learning purpose. And as always we suggest going through the best Selenium tutorials to get quick help. In fact, reading them will ensure that you are ready with a simple project before getting to the next section. So that, you can quickly test the Selenium load testing code snippet given in the later part of the post.

A few words about the BrowserMob proxy, it helps in capturing the performance data for a web app using the Selenium Webdriver code sample. It records the performance readings in the HTML archive i.e. HAR format. You can even utilize it for tuning the browser and the incoming traffic. It can let you block/unblock content and allows editing the HTTP requests/responses packets. You can get its most recent version from the below download link.

Create a Selenium Load Testing Demo Using BrowserMob Proxy

BrowserMob – Selenium for Load Testing.

Use BrowserMob Proxy for Load Testing in Selenium.

1- How to Setup BrowserMob Proxy with Selenium.

In this Selenium load testing demo, first of all, we’ll create a proxy server instance and run it on any port, say 8081. Then, we’ll add a proxy attribute to set the Webdriver capabilities. Please see the below code snippet.

Consequently, we’ll load the Firefox browser and run a small Selenium Webdriver test.

After running the test, we’ll call the BrowserMob API to read the perf data and export it in HAR format.


2- Selenium Load Testing Demo – Full Coding Snippet.

Final Word.

This tutorial on “Using BrowserMob Proxy in Selenium for Load Testing” was in continuation of our promise to bring each topic of your interest as simple as you could perceive it. Hence, we tried to add all micro-level details about using BrowserMob proxy with Selenium.

We wish this post could have made you more informed than you were before reading it.

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