30 Linux Questions With Answers – Online Test for Geeks

Every Linux OS has four primary components: Kernel, Shells, System Utils, and Application Programs. But most of the time, we use to interact with the Shells and Linux commands to get on to the tasks. That’s where this online test is going to help you. It includes thirty use cases where you would need to find the fittest command for each question. These types of Linux questions are useful in the sense as they’ll make you think the usage of the commands in real-time. By the way, if you are one of a scripting freak, then do attempt this Unix Shell scripting quiz.

Each use case in this test points to a Linux question and ask for the appropriate answer. Learning all Linux commands isn’t as easy as like remembering the alphabet. One can only keep them memorized by mapping to a palpable situation. Hence, we tried to add the relevant Linux questions and commands. For example, you might run into a situation where you’ll have to leave but run a program in the background. Also, the program has to throw all errors and output to a single file. And it has to copy the final logs to a remote machine after finishing up. Next, the quiz also includes questions on file permissions and process management.

30 Linux Questions With Answers – Online Test.

For your information, please note that this Linux test has both single and multiple choice questions. So, we suggest you please carefully attempt all the questions. Press the below Start quiz button to go ahead.
30 Linux Questions With Answers

30 Linux Questions With Answers.

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We hope that you would have enjoyed solving each and every question of this online Linux quiz. The knowledge which you would gain from here is not only relevant in the interviews, but you can also use it in handling real-time tasks. Those who have recently started playing with Linux can go through the below post and learn even more.

Before we conclude for the day, let’s listen to an interesting quote about Linux. It highlights why it’s counted as the best Server operating system.

“It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Kernel Man, faster than a speeding bullet, to your rescue.”

It was none other than the great Linus Torvald who said this in his speech while announcing a new Kernel release.

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