Author: Meenakshi Agarwal

Python Keywords, Identifiers, and Variables for Beginners

Python Keywords, Identifiers and Variables – Fundamentals

The objective of this quick tutorial is to teach you about the Python keywords, identifiers and variables. These are the basic building blocks of Python programming. Hence, you must know everything about them. Python Keywords. …
Selenium Python Quiz

Selenium Python Quiz for Automation Testing

Hey pros, today we’ve come up with Selenium Python quiz for automation testing. We’ve decorated this quiz with 25 essential questions for every professional doing Selenium automation using Python. It is a quick test highlighting some of …
Super JavaScript Tips and Best Practices

Super-20 JavaScript Tips and Best Coding Practices

JavaScript is one of the most important pieces of the web technology stack. And you must learn to use it if you wish to make a career in professional web development. So, here, we are …