Hey Friends, Welcome to TechBeamers!

Since you’ve steered the wheels to view this page, it implies that you are curious to know more about TechBeamers which is a blog for programmers, test engineers, and aspiring bloggers. Another point that you might be thinking that who are those putting up their best efforts to make this blog a success. So, let’s dive in and listen to the story behind the idea of TechBeamers.

What’s the Thought Behind TechBeamers?

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We started this blog with only one objective i.e. to produce the information in its most simplistic form. It’s our tagline as well – “Simplifies Technology“. Next, the idea of writing a blog itself is quite fascinating. And doing it makes you what many of us would have only wished for i.e. to be an Entrepreneur or more precisely a Blogger. If you search for this word, you will find a lot of courageous souls who can inspire you to start. They’re the ones who command the courage to come out of their typical work life and break the ice.

Because they chose this path, not for earnings but to gratify their passion. And there are many emblematic personalities in the blogging world to inspire us. So we are all thrilled that we could start this adventure. Now let’s try to recollect some of the main factors, incidents, events that led us here. This experience could benefit our readers who may find something for them and connect their ideas with ours.

TechBeamers Blogging Voyage and Planning.

We dreamt about TechBeamers in Jan’2015 but could bring it into existence later in April’2015. April is the month of Roman Goddess Aphrodite. And it is the same month the most famous Neil Patel was born. Next, we all are personally and professionally passionate about the application product development skills. So, the original thought for the blog content was only to write about the software testing and programming skills.

But while carrying on with the blog, we had to deal with many others aspect of technologies & tools. We came to know and learn about many new aspects as we progressed. For example, the WordPress and its plugins. Then, there comes the hosting infrastructure, network topology as well as the sophisticated hardware with unimaginable processing power.

Another essential area is SEO which is required to boost internet presence of any website or blog. We are also using it to propel our blog posts around search engines. So these are some of the new skills, blogging techniques that are worth to learn. And sharing all these will surely be an integral part of the main content this blog will be targeting.

Selenium, Java, Python tutorials, interview questions & programming quizzes.

Love to be a blogger.

TechBeamers Unique Selling Points.

One of the key goals of this blog which makes it distinctive from others is the commitment toward its readers. It states that we’ll deliver high-quality content in the most simplistic manner without any cost associated with it. So we’ll smartly unearth the simplicity lying in the lap of complexity. Be it software programming, browsers, platforms or test automation, and blogging or SEO concepts. Below is the glimpse of the functional areas where this blog will educate you.

Software Technology Areas.

1- Software testing concepts, QA interview questions, Selenium and Python tutorials.
2- Programming tips for Python, Java, C++, VC++, and Shell script.
3- OS tips for Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and Mac OS X.
4- Talk about Continuous Integration tools, Selenium WebDriver, and Tomcat etc.

Online Marketing Areas.

1- Teach how to use WordPress, how to create/start a blog and propose essential blogging tools.
2- Share useful information on SEM, SEO, Link building, and Blogspot.
3- Suggest social media strategy using Facebook, and Twitter for leads and traffic generation.

Note: The blog directories we are part of are: Blogs Directory

Hey buddies, thanks for being here, we’ll now briefly share with you about us, our interest and passion.

About us – TechBeamers.

I, Meenakshi Agarwal and my team are actively working in the field of Software Industry from last many years. All of us are highly qualified software engineers with an average team-wise experience of 5+ years in IT industry. I personally have more than 10 years of working experience in Quality and Test Automation. Also, all of us have worked on large real-time desktop/web-based software projects for large enterprises.

On the technology side, I’ve worked on a multitude of technologies ranging from Java, C++, VC++, Web technologies including product design & development. I’ve been an integral part of the projects that runs on almost all desktop/mobile based platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Solaris and much more. Fortunately, I got the opportunities to work with many talented people (My Managers) who taught me the art of mastering processes to maximize the ROI.

The primary ingredients that led us to optimize the software development and testing processes were Test Automation and Continuous Integration. Working in both of these areas was quite exciting. And we’ve successfully implemented both of these techniques in multiple projects. All these initiatives have brought us success and recognition.

The next significant thing we choose is Blogging, which is exciting and inspiring. Moreover, all of us are quite passionate about it. It is something which we do differently and with a unique perspective. We try to improve ourselves by creating fresh and innovative content as we also refer it time and again. It gives us the opportunity to help others by serving high-quality information about the topics of their interest. That’s why our primary intent is to deliver nicer content every time. We’ll post only quality information to add value to your work or business. We wish to help you to do better as well.


So that was all about us. Please keep visiting our blog for fresh and useful content. Do connect us on our social media accounts and continue reading our blog.

In the end, we wish you all the best and leave you with a special note from David Aston.

Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.

For your Success,